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Vision Therapy - EyeCare Associates

Vision Therapy

Vision Therapy From EyeCare Associates

EyeCare Associates is staffed with highly trained eye doctors who perform vision therapy services to help adults and children improve their vision. Our vision therapy providers at EyeCare Associates, such as Dr. Allen Dunn and Dr. Samara Perryman at our Troy State location, take a special interest in pediatric optometry, vision therapy, and sports vision enhancement. Both Dr. Dunn and Dr. Perryman are board-certified and strive to provide the best care for their patients by continuing to be on the cutting edge of new technology.

Vision Therapy Locations

Find an EyeCare Associates Vision Therapy Center Near You

EyeCare Associates has eye doctors in the Troy, Alabama area who provide vision therapy services.

Vision Therapy & Convergence Insufficiency

Convergence insufficiency is a common condition that causes trouble focusing on an object close to you. Insufficiency means your eyes are not working as well to focus and comprehend books, phones, tablets, computers, and any time that is close to you. Convergence insufficiency can occur in both children and adults and causes trouble focusing on homework, reading, and computer work. Vision therapy is useful for the treatment of convergence insufficiency and can increase a child's ability to converge the eyes, resulting in more comfortable and efficient vision.

Common Vision Therapy Exercises From EyeCare Associates

EyeCare Associates offers three types of vision therapy: Developmental Vision Therapy, Neuro-Optometric Rehabilitation, and Sports Vision Training and our highly trained vision therapy team utilizes specialized equipment throughout the program such as:

  • Corrective and Therapeutic Lenses

  • Prism Lenses

  • Filters

  • Rotational Trainer

  • Right Eye and Right Eye EyeQ Reports — This device measures the accuracy and speed of eye alignment during reading, sports performance and gives a detailed report of the areas that may need treatment.

  • Sanet Vision Integrator (SVI) and Wii Balance Board — This instrument enhances visual tracking speed and accuracy.

  • Computer Orthoptics VTS4 — This technology measures and treats lazy eye, eye turn, eye-teaming, and eye-alignment issues.

  • Vectograms

  • Optics Trainer Eye Tracking Program

Vision Therapy for Adults

Vision therapy for adults is very common for those who have trouble focusing at work, have constant headaches, and have eye strain after looking at the computer all day. Vision therapy helps your eyes communicate better with your brain and improves focuses and relieves eye strain.

Vision Therapy Schedule Appt

Schedule an Appointment Today to Begin Vision Therapy

If you or your child lacks the necessary visual skills for reading, writing and learning (i.e. eye movement and focusing skills, convergence, eye-hand coordination, visual memory skills, etc.) then vision therapy might be beneficial for you. Call us today to schedule an appointment. Our eye doctors will conduct a comprehensive eye exam to help identify issues and determine the best exercises and treatment for vision therapy.

Frequently Asked Questions About Vision Therapy

Is Vision Therapy for Children?

Vision therapy can be very beneficial for children who have learning difficulty, poor reading skills, trouble with hand-eye coordination, a lazy eye, and more. Some learning difficulties may stem from vision problems like convergence insufficiency and not being able to focus on an object close to them, like a book or tablet.

Does Vision Therapy Work?

Results can differ for every patient, but vision therapy has been proven to help with hand-eye coordination, improve focus and reading skills, alleviate eye strain and headaches, and more. Studies have shown that vision therapy and exercises may be helpful for a condition called convergence insufficiency which occurs when the eyes don’t work together or when a person has difficulty focusing on an object.

Do I Need Vision Therapy?

If you think your vision is good, but you still experience vision problems like trouble reading right in front of you, lack of depth perception, or poor hand-eye coordination, vision therapy can be beneficial. Vision therapy can also help those individuals who lack the necessary visual skills for reading, writing, and learning.