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How to Choose the Best Optometrist for your Contact Lens Exam

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If you're considering getting contacts for the first time or looking for a new eye doctor, it can feel like a daunting task. It can be difficult to find an eye care provider and feel confident they are the right choice for the treatment and management you need. So how do you sift through the options and select the best optometrist for your contact lens exam?

The doctors at EyeCare Associates have put together some helpful tips so you can feel confident in choosing us for your contact lens exam.

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Why you need an optometrist

A Doctor of Optometry examines, diagnoses and provides treatment of eye diseases and disorders. Optometrists also assess your vision problems and need for vision correction, including glasses and contact lenses. There are many types of contact lenses, and optometrists help you find the right type for your needs.

An optometrist must complete four years of college or university followed by four years of education at a college of optometry. Many will then complete a residency in a targeted area of practice, such as pediatric optometry, cornea, contact lens, macular degeneration, and ocular disease. These years of training give them the skills and confidence to help fit patients with the appropriate contact lenses.

The optometrists at EyeCare Associates have a variety of specialties and are all committed to providing patients with the vision testing, eye exams, and services they need to have optimal eye health.

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Choosing the right optometrist for you

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Covering the cost of a contact lens exam

If you have health insurance or vision insurance, find out in advance what the coverage is for contact lens exams. This includes asking:

  • What eye care services are covered by my plan?

  • What are my out-of-pocket costs?

If you don't have vision or health insurance or your insurance does not include vision coverage, you can ask an EyeCare Associates vision center in advance what the cost will be for a contact lens exam.

If you don't have vision or health insurance or your insurance does not include vision coverage, you can ask an EyeCare Associates vision center in advance what the cost will be for a contact lens exam.

Local optometry offices offer highly competitive contact lens pricing, even compared to large retailers and online vendors. Ask your EyeCare Associates office about what our company offers and the advantages of purchasing locally at the practice.

If you are age 65 or over and have Medicare, remember that Medicare does not cover contact lens exams. If you have Medicare Advantage, you may have some coverage for a contact lens exam. As always, our EyeCare Associates team is always willing to answer any questions and clear up any confusion about insurance coverage.

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How to know if you've made the right optometrist choice

Perhaps you've selected a potential optometrist to see for your contact lens exam and scheduled an appointment at EyeCare Associates, but you're still feeling nervous. Here are some helpful questions to ask yourself to determine if they are the best eye doctor for you:

  • Were staff members friendly when setting up the appointment?

  • Did they confirm what time your appointment is and where the office is located?

  • Do you know if you need to bring anything to the appointment? This could include an insurance card, eyeglasses (if you wear them) or a list of medications you take.

If you still have questions, make a list prior to your appointment time and be prepared to discuss with your eye doctor.

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Questions to ask after the contact lens exam

Once it's time for your appointment, the optometrist will check your eyes for any eye diseases or other problems that could limit your ability to wear contact lenses. If your eyes are a good fit for contact lenses, the optometrist will perform some tests to help select the right fit for you.

After your contact lens exam, ask yourself the following questions to ensure the optometrist is a good match for you:

  • Did the optometrist answer all of your questions?

  • Were the staff members friendly? Did they do a good job explaining things?

  • Do you know why the optometrist prescribed this type of contact lens for you?

  • Do you know what to do if these contact lenses do not work well for you? Most offices will give you a trial pair of contacts to use for a week or so.

  • Do you know how to take care of your contact lenses? Good contact lens hygiene is an important part of wearing contacts. The doctor or staff members should demonstrate how to insert, remove and clean your contact lenses.

If you don't feel that your optometrist is a good fit for you, it's okay to continue searching. Many times there are multiple eye doctors available within each practice! Using contact lenses is a collaboration between you and your optometrist, so always make sure you feel comfortable before, during and after your appointment.


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