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Our Optometrists


EyeCare Associates prides itself on its ability to provide quality eye care and eye health services tailored to meet your needs. Our trusted staff of 35 Alabama eye doctors offer a variety of services including eye exams, preventative care, and treatment for various eye diseases at our 30 offices across the state of Alabama.

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Meet Your Local Eye Doctors

Dr. Jennifer Lee Alverson, OD at EyeCare Associates
Jennifer Alverson, O.D.
Johnnie Barnes, O.D.
Johnnie Barnes, OD
Andy Belknap, O.D.
Andrew Belknap, O.D.
Jessica Boyd, O.D.
Jessica Boyd, O.D.
Dr. Casey Brown, OD
Casey Brown, OD
Dr. Nathan Cash
Nathan Cash, OD
Dr. Barry Curtis, OD at EyeCare Associates in Alabama
Barry Curtis, OD
Dr. Allen Dunn, OD at EyeCare Associates
Allen Dunn, OD
Betsy Farris, O.D.
Betsy Farris, O.D.
Dr. Frank Francisco, OD
Frank Francisco, OD
Dr. Drew Gann, OD
Drew Gann, OD, MS
Dr. A. Teresa Glass, OD at EyeCare Associates in Alabama
A. Teresa Glass, OD
Headshot of EyeCare Associates optometrist Murray Glusman, O.D.
Murray Glusman, OD
Dr. David Hamlin, OD at EyeCare Associates in Alabama
David Hamlin, OD
Dr. Lynn Hammonds, OD
Lynn Hammonds, OD
Dr. Benjamin Harris, OD
Benjamin Harris, OD, MS
Dr. Jeffrey Hill, OD
Jeffrey Hill, OD
Dr. Victoria Hines, OD
Victoria Hines, OD
Dr. Gregory Hively, OD
Greg Hively, OD
Dr. Fredrick Jackson, OD
Fredrick Jackson, OD
Sunita Jagani, O.D.
Sunita Jagani, OD
Dr. Norman C. Johnson, OD at EyeCare Associates
Norman Johnson, OD
Dr. April Player Jones, OD at EyeCare Associates
April Jones, OD
Aleen Kaltakdjian, O.D.
Aleen Kaltakdjian, OD, FAAO
Dr. Sheila Kirk, OD
Sheila Kirk, OD
Doctor photo
Brian Kurtz, O.D.
Dr. Michael Kwarcinski, OD
Michael Kwarcinski, OD
Dr. Karolyn Lane, OD Arab, AL eye doctor
Karolyn Lane, OD
David A. Lee, O.D.
David Lee, O.D.
Dr. Rena Lewis OD
Rena Lewis, OD
Dr. Erica Madden, OD eye doctor
Erica Madden, OD
Dr. Kye Mansfield, OD
Kye Mansfield, OD
Dr. Anne Garrison Meighen, OD at EyeCare Associates
Anne Garrison Meighen, OD
Larry Nicastro, O.D.
Lawrence Nicastro, OD
Dr. Abby Nice, OD Alabama eye doctor
Abby Nice, OD
Dr. Veronia Oltmanns, OD
Veronica Oltmanns, OD
Dr. Amy Patel, OD at EyeCare Associates
Amy Patel, OD
Ben Pendergrass, O.D.
Benjamin Pendergrass, O.D.
Dr. Samara Perryman, OD EyeCare Associate Alabama eye doctor
Samara Perryman, OD
Dr. Dale Potter, OD
Dale Potter, OD
Dr. Terry Reynolds, OD
Terry Reynolds, OD
Dr. Patrick A. Rossi, OD
Patrick Rossi, OD
Dr. Ashley Savage, OD
Ashley Savage, OD
Dr. Bonnie-Kim Schwertz, OD
Bonnie-Kim Schwertz, OD
Dr. James Skoney, OD
James Skoney, OD
Dr. Haley Smith
Haley Smith, O.D.
Dr. Danielle Smith
Danielle Smith, O.D.
Dr. Kimberly Stroup, OD Alabama eye doctor
Kimberly Stroup, OD
Kristin S. Sullins, O.D.
Kristin Sullins, O.D.
William H. Sullins, O.D.
William Sullins, O.D.
Dr. Martika Swain, OD
Martika Swain, OD
Dr. Travis Tucker, OD EyeCare Associates Alabama eye doctor
Travis Tucker, OD
Dr. Karen Vanoy, OD
Karen Vanoy, OD
Tammy Wallace, O.D.
Tammy Wallace, O.D.
Dr. Mary Tally Watson, OD Alabama eye doctor
Mary Watson, OD
Dr. Christine White, OD
Christine White, OD
Dr. Carrie Wolfe, OD
Carrie Wolfe, OD
Dr. Yancy "Carl" York, OD Madison eye doctor
Yancy York, OD, PhD