Daily vs. Monthly Contacts: Which is Right for You?

More than 24 million people in the United States wear contacts because it makes their lives easier. Whether you’re exercising, or simply don’t like the feeling of glasses, contact lenses can be a great solution. 

With the many benefits of contact lenses comes a lot of responsibility. It’s crucial to replace your contacts at the appropriate times to keep your eyes healthy. It all depends on where you stand when it comes to daily vs. monthly contacts. The experts at EyeCare Associates in Alabama are here to help you make the tough decision between daily or monthly lenses.

How to Choose Between Daily vs. Monthly Contacts

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Daily Contacts

Daily contact lenses are designed to be worn for just one day. When you're ready to remove them, simply take them out and throw them away — no cleaning, disinfecting, or storage necessary. If you want to avoid daily maintenance, daily contacts might be the right choice for you.

Pros of Daily Contacts

Because they're worn for just one day, daily contacts have a low risk of eye infection. They're less likely to develop a buildup of deposits like proteins and allergens. These deposits can cause chronic inflammation and make the lens uncomfortable to wear.

One of the biggest perks of daily contacts is how convenient they are. Since there is no need to clean or disinfect the contact lenses, you’re able to simplify your daily routine. When you're done wearing them, you can recycle your contact lenses instead of putting them down the drain.

Buying your daily contacts will be the only contact lens-related purchase you make. There  There isn’t a need to purchase contact solution since you’ll only be wearing your contacts for a day. It’s not a bad idea to have cleaning solution and cases on hand just in case! Having access to daily contact lenses is a nice safety net when traveling or being active. If your contacts begin to bother you or fall out, they're easier and cheaper to replace.

Cons of Daily Contacts

While daily contact lenses have a lot of perks, there are also some negative aspects. Daily contacts are made of thinner materials, which increases the risk of tearing. As such, it's a good idea to carry a spare set of lenses and a backup pair of glasses.

The upfront cost of daily contacts is higher. You'll pay more initially for daily vs. monthly contacts, but you won't need to buy lens solutions on an ongoing basis. Throwing away lenses every day produces more daily waste than monthly contacts. As mentioned before, you can try reducing your contact lens waste by recycling them properly.

Monthly Contacts

Monthly contact lenses can be worn for about 30 days. These contacts must be removed, cleaned, disinfected and stored each night. When the 30 days are up, you dispose of your lenses and start fresh with a new pair.

Pros of Monthly Contacts

The upfront cost of purchasing monthly contact lenses is lower than the cost of purchasing daily lenses over the same period. Their thicker material makes monthly lenses less prone to damage and tearing, which reduces the risk of needing to buy extra.

Because you're not disposing of a pair of lenses each day, there's less waste when compared to daily contact lenses. On top of producing less daily waste, you can also recycle monthly contacts when it comes time to replace your pair.

Cons of Monthly Contacts

Monthly contact lenses are made of strong materials because they are meant to last longer than daily contacts. The materials might cause your contacts to feel thicker, and possibly less comfortable, in your eye than daily contacts.

Since they're worn for a longer duration, debris can accumulate on the lenses, interfering with clear vision. That's why cleaning and storing your monthly contacts properly is important. Not only will daily care create ongoing expenses, but it might make your daily routine last longer as well.

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