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Helpful Tips on How to Rest Your Eyes

Have you noticed that your eyes are feeling strained or sore? This is commonly called eye strain, which can cause eye fatigue. If you spend several hours in deep concentration staring at a digital device or reading a book, you may strain your eye muscles.    

Eye fatigue is a common problem, but it's one that people often ignore, even though you can relieve the discomfort in several ways. 


EyeCare Associates has put together a list of the best techniques for relieving eye fatigue. Continue reading to learn more.

Practice Eye Yoga Several Times A Day

There are some eye exercises that if practiced regularly may help to prevent or ease eye fatigue. This is called eye yoga and it is an easy way to give your eyes a break.   

Try these eye yoga techniques several times a day:  

  • Eye Rolling: This is when you move your eyes from side to side and then up and down. Eye rolling exercises make your eye muscles move in ways you normally don't when intensely focusing on something in the center of your vision.  

  • Palming: Cup and place your hands over your eyes without applying pressure. This makes a dark environment, perfect for your eyes to take a break.   

  • Blinking: Forgetting to blink often causes your eyes to feel dry or uncomfortable. A blinking exercise will encourage you to blink more often throughout the day.  

While the benefits of yogic eye exercises haven't been thoroughly studied, there is a study that found that participants who performed regular yogic eye exercises for six weeks experienced a statistically significant reduction in eye fatigue

Blue-Light Lenses 

It’s not always possible to reduce your screen time, especially if you must work on a computer or other digital device. Too much glare from a computer screen over the course of a day may cause dry eye or eye fatigue. Wearing special glasses that help to reduce the impact of blue light may help limit the discomfort caused by eye fatigue.    

Blue-light lenses have a special coating that minimizes the amount of blue light you’re exposed to. They can often be found in prescription and non-prescription lenses.  

There are also blue light filters that can be fit over computer screens for those not wanting to wear a pair of blue light glasses. 

Visit the Eye Doctor 

It’s possible for your eyes to feel tired because they're working too hard focusing. Those wearing glasses or contacts may find that their prescription has changed since their last visit to the eye doctor. Don’t wear glasses? This may be a sign that you need corrective lenses.  

Keep an eye on your eye health with routine visits. Your eye doctor can also recommend other ways to rest your eyes effectively. 

Protect Yourself from Dry Eye

Dry eyes can cause your eyes to feel uncomfortable or tired. They can also cause more serious eye problems, such as corneal abrasions and even vision loss.   

Take these steps to avoid dry eye:  

  • Keep your eyes protected from direct airflow 

  • Get enough rest each night 

  • Don't smoke and stay away from people who are smoking 

  • Run a humidifier in your home or office 

  • Use preservative-free eye drops 

  • Stay hydrated by drinking 7-8 glasses of water a day 

Soothe Your Eyes with a Warm or Cold Compress

Closing your eyes for a few moments can help to relax your eye muscles and placing a warm compress over your eyes can feel soothing. There are two ways you can do this: 

The Washcloth Method

You’ll just need a washcloth and warm water for this method.  

Follow these steps: 

  • Run a clean washcloth under hot water until fully soaked  

  • Squeeze out any excess water so that the washcloth is damp 

  • Fold the washcloth to the size of your eyes 

  • Allow a moment for it to cool off so that it is warm and not hot  

  • Find a comfortable position to sit or lie down 

  • Close your eyes 

  • Place the warm cloth over your eyes for a few moments 

Use Tea Bags 

Damp tea bags can serve as a cold or warm compress for eye fatigue.

To relax your eyes using tea bags, follow these steps:  

  • Steep the teabags in boiling water 

  • Allow time for them to cool as you do not want to place a hot tea bag directly on your eyes 

  • Squeeze any liquid out of the teabags  

  • Close your eyes 

  • Place the tea bags on your closed eyelids    

Wanting a cool compress instead? Put the tea bags in the refrigerator for a few minutes.   

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