Helping Young Eyes: The Huge Impact of Pediatric Eye Care

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Being healthy at a young age helps set habits and patterns that will potentially last a lifetime. The same is also true for eye health. Parents want nothing more than for their children to live happy and healthy lives, and practicing healthy eye care early on will set them up for success. It’s important to remember how crucial pediatric eye care is. While scheduling doctor and dentist appointments, you can’t forget about eye doctor appointments! Surprisingly, 1 in 4 children need vision treatment. Your children may have vision issues without even knowing it.

Poor vision can substantially negatively affect kids because of their young age. It can affect their development, education, and quality of life. With August being Children’s Eye Health & Safety Month, the EyeCare Associates team in Alabama wants to spread awareness about how crucial pediatric eye care is.

Success at School

As obvious as it might seem, seeing clearly at school is crucial. With all of the reading, writing, and comprehension throughout the day, being unable to see well can set your students back. Often directions and homework assignments are displayed on the board. If your child can’t read what’s up there, they might have difficulty succeeding at school. If not taken care of promptly, any issues at school might compound and worsen over time. Get your kids the eye care they need to flourish at school. You know your child is smart enough to succeed, so don’t let their vision get in the way.

They Might Be Struggling with Nearsightedness

Nearsightedness continues to increase everywhere, which means it affects children too. Also known as myopia, nearsightedness doesn’t have an outright cure but can be corrected. Helping your children early on will result in a higher quality of life. If your child has myopia, they likely have trouble seeing things at a distance. Unfortunately, they might have trouble watching TV or reading the board at school. Not only will they have blurry vision, but they might suffer from headaches too. Your child might not describe nearsightedness, but you should look out for them frequently, rubbing their eyes or squinting. These are usually signs that they are struggling to see clearly.

You Can Help Prevent Future Eye Disease

Pediatric eye care aims to help your child get proper eye health care early in life. Just because they’re young doesn’t mean they have perfect vision. It can be challenging for young children to advocate for themselves, especially with issues as complex as myopia. Take your kids to EyeCare Associates. We’ll be able to determine if they have any eye health concerns and then figure out a plan of action. We can detect amblyopia (also known as lazy eye), strabismus (also known as crossed eyes), and much more. If you have a family history of eye diseases, that’s more of a reason to get your kids to the eye doctor early.

You Need to Make Sure They Have Good Eye Teaming

Eye teaming, also known as binocular vision, is crucial to good vision. It refers to the ability of both eyes to work together effectively, focusing simultaneously and directing their sight in the same direction. If your children struggle with this, they may experience lazy eyes and blurred vision. Around 5% to 10% of children and adults suffer from poor binocular vision, making reading and writing particularly difficult.

They’ll Appreciate the Eye Doctor

Developing a lifelong habit of having routine eye exams is essential for children. Even if they’re worried about visiting an eye doctor, their fear will gradually disappear, and they will become more comfortable getting their eyes checked out. Understanding the importance of good eye health is vital for children. Once they understand why they need regular eye exams and the role of the eye doctor, they will be motivated to continue scheduling visits as adults. By prioritizing their eye health, you can also ensure potential issues are detected early on.

EyeCare Associates Helps Kids See Better

We offer comprehensive eye care and exams for the entire family. Our team carefully looks at potential vision concerns so your kids get the help they need. Take the whole family to EyeCare Associates so your kids can have a positive pediatric eye care experience. We’ll work with your kids to create an eye plan together.

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