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Don’t Forget About Your Eyes: Observing World Diabetes Day

At EyeCare Associates in Alabama, we understand the significant impact of diabetes and its potential to harm eye health. That’s why we observe World Diabetes Day on November 14th. We're here to provide insights into the importance of World Diabetes Day and offer information about diabetes. You can read more in our Diabetic Awareness Month blog.

Over 400 million worldwide are affected by diabetes. Read on to learn about what you can do to keep your eyes healthy.

World Diabetes Day

World Diabetes Day was started by the International Diabetes Federation (IDF) in 1991 due to the rapid global increase in diabetes cases. It takes place on November 14th because it marks the birthday of Sir Frederick Banting, a Canadian scientist. In collaboration with Charles Best, he pioneered the utilization of insulin in 1922, a breakthrough that profoundly impacted the lives of individuals with diabetes. The goal of World Diabetes Day is to educate a wide audience about diabetes and its impact on the body, such as complications affecting the eyes, kidneys, and heart. The initiative aims to spread knowledge about the causes of diabetes, recognizable symptoms, and prevention strategies.

The Connection to Your Eyes

Diabetes can trigger a range of eye issues that can lead to vision impairment or even blindness. Among these concerns, diabetic retinopathy stands out as a significant threat as it causes harm to the blood vessels in the retina. On top of that, diabetes is often associated with other ocular complications such as cataracts and glaucoma. People with diabetes face a higher likelihood of developing cataracts and/or glaucoma in comparison to those without the condition. 

Tips for Healthier Eyes

Are You at Risk?

It's crucial to recognize that having diabetes puts your eyes at risk. Particularly if you've been living with diabetes for an extended period, face challenges in managing your blood sugar levels, or have a family history of specific eye conditions. Your susceptibility to developing these disorders is increased.

Live a Healthy Life

Living a healthy life means staying active and eating well. Exercising regularly enhances your body's responsiveness to insulin, effectively regulating blood sugar levels. It also contributes to heart health by improving circulation. This improved blood flow ensures your eyes receive the necessary oxygen for optimal functioning. Maintaining a healthy diet is equally important to a well-balanced life. Prioritize eating nutrient-rich foods, including whole grains, lean proteins, vegetables, fruits, and healthy fats. Eating well and exercise go hand in hand.

Stay Knowledgeable

World Diabetes Day is an opportunity to expand your knowledge about diabetes and its impact on eye health. It's a valuable occasion where you can gain insights into the most effective methods of diabetes management and protecting your vision. Staying updated with ongoing research and the diverse range of treatments is crucial. It's also important that you stay up to date on diabetes information and research even when it isn’t World Diabetes Day or Diabetes Awareness Month.

See the Eye Doctor Regularly

Make sure to see your eye doctor for a comprehensive eye exam every year. Skilled doctors can catch problems early on before they progress. Sometimes, even if you don't notice changes in your vision, diabetes could still be affecting your eyes without you realizing it.

Where Do You Go from Here?

This is the perfect moment to consider diabetes and understand the ways to prevent it altogether. And for those that have it, there are ways to make life easier. World Diabetes Day is an opportunity to share knowledge about the effects of diabetes, all while maintaining a positive outlook. By adopting healthier lifestyles and being aware of the risks, we can minimize the influence of diabetes.

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