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on new eyeglasses.*

Ask our experienced optical care team about our custom frame and lens packages that fit your unique vision, your lifestyle and your budget. Your purchase of eyeglasses or contact lenses qualifies you to choose from any of these packages, designed for you. Any of the lenses described below can be placed in your choice of frames at a reduced package price!*

Save up to 50% on your purchase of eyeglasses!

Digital Enhancement

Digital Enhancement

This package is for anyone who spends the majority of their day using electronic devices. The lenses are treated with TechProtect™ which reflects harmful UV and blue light emitted from led screens. Increased exposure to UV and blue light could cause eyestrain and interfere with your natural sleep schedule.

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Thin and Light

This package is designed for individuals with a high prescription. The lenses are made from high index plastic which are thinner and lighter than standard lenses. These lenses are treated with our premium  anti-glare coating and polished edges and will allow our patients to look their very best.


This package is for anyone who is looking for the essentials of a well rounded pair of glasses. The lenses in this package are treated with Anti Glare Premium, which drastically reduces surface glare on the lenses. Anti glare will also enhance night time driving reducing halos and starburst from traffic signals and oncoming headlights. It also gives the lenses more protection from scratches and blemishes.



This package is designed to limit UV exposure to our eyes. These lenses are polarized and come with backside anti-glare treatment. Polarized lenses drastically reduce glare especially on the surface of water. They offer excellent UV protection without sacrificing the natural beauty and colors of our surroundings.

Blue Lite Protection


This package is for anyone under the age of 18. The lenses will be made from impact resistant lenses such as polycarbonate and trivex. They can be treated with either anti-glare premium or TechProtect™. A photochromic option can be added for extra UV protection for a reduced fee on lenses treated with anti-glare premium.

* Note that these packages are available as a 2nd pair option after purchasing a contact lens supply or first complete pair of new eyeglass lenses and frames.