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Contact Lens Exam
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Contact Lens Eye Exam: What to Expect

Thinking of getting contact lenses? A contact lens eye exam and fitting will be the first step. Learn more about what to expect from a EyeCare Associates contact lens eye exam.

How to Choose the Best Optometrist for Your Contact Lens Exam

Choosing the best optometrist for you contact lens exam is an important decision. EyeCare Associates has put together some helpful tips.

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What Does a Typical Contact Eye Exam Cost?

Costs for contact exams, fittings, and the lenses themselves can vary. Clarkson Eyecare breaks down some factors to give you a better idea.

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Can You Sleep With Contacts In?

Regularly sleeping with contacts in can be risky and lead to eye infections. Learn more from EyeCare Associates about falling asleep with contacts in.

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How to Read a Contact Prescription

Contact prescriptions can be confusing the first time you read one. Read more from EyeCare Associates about how to make sense of them.

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Contacts for Astigmatism: Are They Right For You?

There are a variety of contact lens options for treating astigmatism. Learn more from EyeCare Associates about what treatment option works best for you.